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5 Golden Advices Before Making Adsense Application

It seems like getting Adsense application accepted is really hard nowadays, especially in this pandemic period. It is now completely easy to get your application approved by Google if it is get rejected at your first attempt because of pandemic period for Google Adsense that made it hard to examine due to working shift change in pandemic period. Here, our recommendations that we have prepared by being based on experience are with you!

  1. About Me, Contact and Privacy Policy Must Be Complete and in Working Condition

The pages that mentioned on title are the backbone of your site that allow people to contact with the administration in case of any difficulty and problem, these pages are crucial to Google policies. The best thing to is giving necessary importance to these pages. Otherwise, the site may lose its functionality. 

  1. Clicks of Your Site Should not Stay in the Same Level or Less 

Although everythingis complete for a newly established vacant site, based on experience, an application for a vacant or, in short, a site with click numbers near to zero will not be accepted. If you cannot raise your hits naturally, you must apply to agencies that work as organic hits and have a hit work during the Adsense application process, otherwise you are likely to see a rejection notification.

  1. Raise Your Alexa Ranking As Much As You Can

Alexa ranking, which is related to the hits, clicks and website’s up-to-dateness, is an important section that must be kept high. Everything is fine if your Alexa ranking based on the feature mentioned above is on the rise. It means you can not get feedback and the result that your site deserves if your website exhibits a regressive manner or unable to rank up. You should always pay necessary attention to your Alexa ranking to check out if the results of what you are doing is positive.

  1. Keep Your Website Active and Do Not Have Any Illegal or Unlawful Content on Your Site

In order to increase your Alexa ranking, you should constantly make content entry to get indexed on Google and to gain hits. We can shorten the title. Let’s open a parenthesis without using application plan, nobody will be able to post content per hour or per minute if they are not a Professional office or company. On daily basis, you should post two of recommended content on your website at least once at a certain time intervals and this should be at the same time and at the same time interval everyday, so that you could keep your up-to-dateness. On the other hand, the content that made entry on your website should not be quoted, and they should not contain share such as warez, cheating, unauthorized movie sharing, otherwise your ad application will like to be rejected. Such content may create problems due to legal issues. For this reason, it is the easiest and best way to stay away from these kind of posts.

  1. Make Your Website Theme Responsive

It is another crucial section, that you should pay attention if your website has mobile support and if it is responsive. When the theme has a responsive feature, it means that it will work on mobile as well as it works on desktop. Although this feature is important for websites, it is also important for Adsense. Because, it is their one natural rights to want your automatic ad code to work without any problem. In addition, these features and transactions will be beneficial for you and the satisfaction of your members will increase. Because internet users began to stay away more from desktop computers today, mobile usage is more intense in general. You need to show that you pay enough attention to mobile version usage, as advertising earnings and ad displays began to be demonstrated more on mobile. If you do not have the knowledge to activate the responsive feature or you dont have the budget to make it, you can install and use default mobile versions for the system you use, or you can actively use systems such as Wordpress, Blogspot which are generally responsive.