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5 Golden Hints To Develop A MyBB Forum

We believe that forumism (owning website forums) will never end completely, even though it fades away slowly, recently. Because, people who carried  forums such a high levels are still users of internet and their legacy still lives. For this reason, there are lots of business people and webmasters who use forums and forum activities. MyBB system, which is one of the most preferred forum systems by the poeple we mentioned above, is highly preferred because it is free and simple. In addition, the MyBB system is always up to date, and we can Access many themes and extensions ready on the official site. With a limited FTP (File Transfer Protocol) knowledge, you can handle all the operations of your site on your own. So what should forum owners who use MyBB system do? Here are 5 Golden Hints to Develop a MyBB Forum!

  1. Always Use Original Files While Creating Your Website

In order to avoid any problems when your forum began its development age, as a first step, you should create your website by the files you received from an official website. Otherwise, all your efforts may be wasted and you may not recover the damage for any future problem. Therefore, you should pay attention to this rule from the very beginning and  remember that it is more valuable than other golden recommendations.

  1. Language Files That You Use Should Translate Fully Accurate

In order to ensure the satisfaction of your members and visitors, your language support must be accurate. If the file you are using is translating to a certain extent, you should identify all of the deficiencies and correct it according to the language to be translated, otherwise your foreign visitors and members may not be able to do everything they want on the site, and it may appear to be an useless site. This problem can provide you with massive hit losses or a discontinuous audience. This is a huge obstacle to development.

  1. An Attractive Theme Should Be Used For Members and Visitors To Have a Pleasant Time On The Website

First of all, the first look and a theme that makes the site easy and attractive is always very crucial. Even the color of your theme is sometimes enough to keep members and visitors on the site. For this reason, the theme you use is attractive and useful, as well as a responsive design, that is, a mobile-supported theme will allow those who enter your site to access your site on mobile. These facilities will ensure surfers to stay on the site.

  1. Your Categorie and Section Names Should Not Be Long, Especially Unnecessarily Long; Everything Should Be Tidy

The category layout and the sections opened under it should primarily be relevant to your branch, the unrelated sections you open to get hits can make your site amateur or silly. For this reason, you should open only sections and categories that concern your field. On the other hand, you should not necessarily  set tongues wagging too much, but you should be able to get access to every side section on a main section. Because a complex section layout not only makes management difficult, but also makes it difficult for members to use it. In addition, sub-tabs that are opened should be visible on the main page, they should not necessarily be included in the main section.

  1. Why Members Should Stay On Your Site, You Should Dictate This To Them Some Way!

After a member or a visitor registers on your forum, they should know why they should make entries and stay on your site. Especially, in the beginning, you may not have too many topics and members, so why the person accessing in your forum should follow you. You should plan it well. First of all, the suggestions will always be about withdrawing from your environment. Yes, you will attract satisfying hits in this way. However, after these, to talk about what you can do on your site, you should plan them well and create a loop, a nice member-visitor-management triangle within the site. For example, you should reward members with a racing system or make membership meaningful with special membership ranks.