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5 Golden Rules of Choose the Best Domain For New Site Creators

Firstly, the main part of a site is domain name. The domain name we are talking about is the only way to log in your site for your visitors and members. If you don't have a domain name, Google will not include your site in searches, and in short, you cannot create site without a domain. Domain name has such an important position, it is also highly important that the domain name of your site should be cool or binding. We ended a good domain search up that usually even professionals have difficulties to find one. Because with the 5 golden rules we will give you, an instant light bulb will light up in your mind and you will able to easily find and choose your domain name.

  • Your Domain Name Should Not Be Too Long
  • Sometimes, it may be difficult to find the domain name you want, as the domain names have been in use for years and are constantly registered, yet your domain name absolutely must not be too long. Even if your domain name is registered or nothing is available at the shortness you want, you should be interested in observing other names and design your project according to that. Otherwise, a long domain name will both make concessions about quality and will not be catchy. To avoid such problems, we recommend that your domain name should be short in the range of 4-6 words.

  • If You Want A Short One, Do Not Make It Meaningless
  • As we mentioned, most of the domain names may be registered or any short domain names you want to use may not be available. This should not mean that you are going to make it meaningless to make it short. Again, the problem of not being catchy mentioned in the lines above, will show up here too and make your visitors say ‘’what is the connection?’’. Always choose meaningful domains to avoid compromising your audience.

  • The Domain Name You Found, Should Be Related With Your Active Branch
  • This domain name is very valuable, this domain name will be sold at a good price in the future, this domain name has a history and it is clean, the mass hit of this domain name enough to me, such thoughts will cause you to hit the wall after a while. Absolutely, the domain name should suit your branch and you. Otherwise, your site may look frivolous and may lose in every way before it starts.

  • Your Domain Should Have Brand Value, So It Should Be Cool!
  • When choosing your domain name, you should imagine giving big banners and ads to televisions, AdWords, Instagram, if your project grows in the future. I think that you do not want to introduce these banners with crappy, frivolous or childish domain names. Therefore you should think widely and choose a domain name that can carry brand value and be absolutely cool. If you need a small hint, be sure to examine the large e-commerce sites. All of them really crazy and so cool!

  • Do Not Enter Into Serious Project With The Domain Name That Does Not Satisfy You
  • If you say that I have to start this project right now or I think this domain name is good, first you should wait and think. How far can I proceed with this domain, with this name, with this brand? You should ask yourself. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a mass that accounts for ninety percent of the market and lowers the shutters 2 months after creating the site. Domain name is the most important and first rule for your site, as we mentioned at the beginning. Always choose the domain names that are satisfy you, can give you feedback, can be catchy. Nobody wants to shut down their site in three days. An absolute gain demands continuity. So if you follow the 5 golden rules, you won't regret it!