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How Do I Add My Analytics Code To My Wordpress Site?

Today, many sites serve to internet users online environment. A site needs to be clicked to sustain its existence. Thanks to clicks, sites can get ad revenue and even they can carry Google rankings to the top. Click is only can be possible when users enter the sites and browse the content. With a view to increase to clicks or to balance the number or quality of content according to user demand, site administrators have to follow the number of clicks, entries to the site, and which content is clicked a lot. Therefore site administrations use the ‘’Google Analytics’’ system widely. ‘’Google Analytics’’ system allow you to follow as instant entries between specified dates and user actions. Of course, there are things that we need to do when starting to use this system. Such as, like having a gmail account first. The most important thing to do after solving such beginning problems is to add the code which is given to us by the system to our wordpress site.

What Does This Code Given By The System Do?

This code provided by the system allows the system to follow your site instantly with its tools, in short, to allow system to connect to your site. If you do not give authority to your site, no one can take action, with this code the system gets follow permissions from you, provides follow and reports to you. After we use the word authority, it comes to mind ‘’I'm authorizing, what if something happens to my site?‘’ we are able to predict the incoming of such questions. Authorizing is not exactly providing a control panel. Simply put, it is you allow to tools that provide your site to display instant users of your pages. So with this code, Google will not make any interference with your site. First of all, site administrators should avoid from giving site authorizations to unsecure companies, not large companies such as Google. First of all, Google has proven its maturity, perhaps it is on the top in the world we can say that it is the best company in the world of the internet. We can't take any action without our Google link today. Therefore, while trust in Google is personal (above all, it is your responsibility), we know that many users use it safely and smoothly.

How Do I Add My Analytics Code To My Wordpress Site?

The most important part of this process is adding your Google Analytics code to your Wordpress system. First, you should register and log in to Google Analytics. As you try to register and log in, we'll tell you every step and get our code.

After you have entered to the Google Analytics ‘’Sign Up’’ page, you should fill in the sections that you see in the ‘’New Account’’ section one by one. The account name is up to you and also you should fill out the ‘’Property’’ tab correctly. On the following page, you should select the publication branch of your site directly and select the correct time zone in order to receive instant accurate reports based on the region you are living in. And then you can read and accept the agreement by clicking on the ‘’Obtain A Tracking ID’’ button. If the contract does not comply with you, you can refuse to accept it and give up using the system. And then you can copy and retrieve the code that is given to you as ‘’Your Tracking Code’’ in the ‘’Tracking ID’’ section, which you can see on the home page of the system. This is the only code you need in order to use the system. The final step is to add the code to your site. You should definitely copy your code as given and paste it into your site without changing it at all. Otherwise the code will be incorrect and you will not be able to use Google Analytics. Therefore, get the code that you copied as it was given without changing and enter the Wordpress site's admin control panel, WP login section. Then enter the ‘’View And Edit’’ tab of the menu that pops up on the left. There will be header.php section on the right side of the page or on the any part of the page you will see, you can set the header.php section as a header. After entering this tab, you should find the tag and place the code in it, our suggestion is that paste it right under the code we're talking about. Because usually amateur people do not know the closing tag of the code and they may paste it in the wrong place. Finish the pasting process and record your editing. From now on, your clicks are under control!