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How Organic Hit (Traffic) is Done? What is Organic Hit?

Firstly, we can define hit as click or website traffic. Organic hit is a hit group that does not contain any cheating and consists of real users. Well, does this kind of hit have any other group other than organic hit groups? Yes, unfortunately there are some groups that are created by attracting bots. However, these bots are effective in theory, in practice they are uneffective in the background. Because of that, the people who get organic hit done do not have any loss. The backbone of organic hit is input from other IP adresses. However, the local IP should be different, because, resetting the IP of modem and re-entering the organic hits will not make the organic hits completely organic, so different modems and different computers always take the lead in these kind of works. Organic hit is a factor what will increase the clickthrough of your site on your tables as well as increase your advertising earnings. In addition, you can rise in Google rankings, increase your Alexa rank, and influence your PA value to some extent.

It is much more beneficial for the visitors to discover you by themselves, the completely organic clicks that will be taken without the need for a study before doing an organic hit work. For this reason, it is not recommended for new sites, and many agencies and sites are doing the organic hit work, which is a situation that the declining sites should sometimes do to show strength. How do websites and agencies that generate organic hits do this? How can it be got done? Do I need this? We hear these questions often. Well...

How Organic Hit Work is Done?

 You can have organic hit works done in two ways. First, you apply to agencies that do this job and buy organic hit work or get a price information. Obviously, it is really difficult to figure out how agencies manage to get it done. They do not provide information about their profession when asked. They only send you the hit that you paid for. Secondly, there is an organic hit study that you can do by yourself, this work is made from sites that provide active services on the internet and call themselves traffic sites without the need for code knowledge or technical knowledge. You can reach these traffic sites as a result of your research. Our proposition in this article will not be ethical. These kind of traffic sites work in a loop that allows you to get traffic to your traffic to them. It is also usual to buy points after you pay for it and then they send hits to your sites. The free service principle of these sites is based on the duty of win-win. These sites give you points following the click counts and tracking tasks given to you. What are these tasks? The task that is heavily used is this: an additional page is opened to your auto-switching browser, and this page runs in the background, gaining points for you, the more system remains active, you more points you gain. We give advices to the users of this systems as follows: first of all, if you ask our opinion, leave the site open on the main screen at night, otherwise, if you open it in the background while you are doing your daily work, it will both gain less points and reduce your CUP performance. Therefor, if you open the home page at night it will both gain more points for you and will be easier. After you gain points, yopu can place the link of your pages that you want on the panels in the menus of these traffic sites, and you can order the visitor you want to be sent on an hourly basis, as you wish. However, this order will of course function until your points run out. The system which will stop sending you hits after your points run out, will ask you to turn back to the task system again.