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How should a good theme be? 5 Golden advice

Each site definitely uses a design, front view, in short, a theme. No matter what programming the site's infrastructure or coding is based on, every site has an appearance. Although site infrastructure is very important for administrators and business people, the most important thing for a visitor or a member is the theme and easily using. No visitor or member deals with any management channel, visitors cares that the site they enter is working for them or how much time they spend. Therefore, the most important thing to pay attention to other than the content of each site, its advertisements and the facilities it offers, is the theme. The theme may vary according to each infrastructure, system and usage, moreover it has many structures that need attention. What are these? Here are 5 golden advices for the question "How should a good theme be?"

  1. Should Be Absolutely Proportional With The Use Of The Site

If you run a social media site, your theme and your utilization should not necessarily be far from social media. Or if you are an IT firm you should have a personal company theme or an e-commerce theme. Therefore, you should use themes related to your field. An educational site should never use a magazine site theme. You should have and use themes that are absolutely relevant both for the professional image and for the beautiful appearance of everything.

  1. Colors Shouldn't Be Boring

Today, when you look at the colors of most advertising companies and brands, you will notice that there are colors that are always heartwarming or related with those brands. And also some colors are very heavily used in some categories. For example, food companies use appetizing colors, clothing companies use colors that appears quality. Although this event is done solely for advertising and attracting attention, it is valid for a theme on a website. This event actually applies to every business area and to everyone. On this theme colors subject, the thing to look out for is that there are absolutely no stifling and boring colors. For example, it is strongly recommended that you do not use the color red. Because after a while, the color red will make people angry and tired their eyes. For example, a game portal site can make happy to its users with light blue colors.

  1. Should Be Responsive

First of all, the most important usage feature is whether a good theme is responsive to Google policies, Google Adsense policies and mobile network that is used more than the computer today. Responsive can be perceived as desktop theme supporting mobile theme. This feature is a great advantage for both your ads and users, and may be the reason why members prefer you.

  1. Should Be Related With Corporate Logo

Every site must have a logo that should not change. An ever changing or amateur logo may damage institutionalism and continuity. Apart from this, the logo and the designed theme should be compatible with each other, should be integrated. Logo and theme harmony is a small part of the foundation of a good theme.

  1. Should Be Fast

A good theme definitely should be fast. Image, logo, harmony and so on before all, if you are really getting bored when using a theme, that theme is not exactly a good theme. This situation is somewhat related to the hosting you use, with a good coding and design without using too many plugins it will surely be fast. A theme that is not filled with unnecessary CSS or unnecessary code will be fast and will be nominated to be the best with all its features.