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In Which Fields Should I Create Websites?

There are tens of thousands of websites serving on many fields keep on their broadcasting journey.  These websites serve in different branches or for different purposes as stated. While the %90 of these sites are designed with commercial concern, we are also aware that it is difficult to provide free services in today’s world. When there are tens of thousand of websites out there designed for commercial reasons, in which fields you should establish your a website? Which fields look more untouched? Here, in this article, we are going to give brief answer to these questions or we are going to mention about fields that promises a bright commercial future even though they will not stay untouched.

  1. General Shopping

Shopping websites, that are already popular enough, have reached the peak point in pandemic period. Big probably, humanity reached to the last decade’s summit number of shoppings in this period. We are all aware of internet shoppings from clothing to the smallest neccesities of our houses that are ordered from e-commerce sites. Although there are web sites that are leaders in their fields, you can always register to the shopping web sites which are always a field that can provide job opportunities and good profits. 

  1. Blog

Beyond “Blog” sites, which have a lot of domains in their fields, it is still an area where you can go up on Google rankings with your original content and you can gain follewers all the time. Especially, we are clearly aware that blogs are very interesting with the differences that have been created by them. If we were to give an advice, we can assure you that even a photo blog will attract thousands of attentions today.

  1. Education Portal

Although there are lots of education websites, we can clearly see that they lose their activity. On the other hand, since education-related contents shift to YouTube videos, education-related protals constantly lose ground. We assure you that an education portal that can provide up-to-date information and answers to the questions of students supported by FAQ section will be able to be a leader in its field.

  1. Health Portal

Although web sites that are post contents about health are clicked thousands of times every day in normal times, we are sure that these kind of blogs are boomed during pandemic period. We can see that even these web sites have difficulties in keeping up to date about daily events. Therefore, a health platform that can post instant events and sharing them constantly will be able to do commercial bussiness easily. Besides, you can expand your network by getting ads from contracted pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies on your health portal.

  1. Social Media Platforms

Everybody has a social media account in today’s world. Social media accounts, that have turned out to be as ordinary as identification cards that we carry in our pockets, will never fall out of trends. Especially with the fact that all the social media platforms are foreign created, a specially coded social media platform, which has been created uniquely, will surely attract the necessary attention in our country. Such areas, which we are craving for, must be evaluated and people who can invest should invest in these areas.

  1. Sport Advice Blogs

Lack of gyms, which were closed during pandemic period, directed people to do sports at home. Sport, which is indispensable for a healthy life apart from nutrition, is an area that must be done consciously. Sports, which is a field in which people may suffer disabilities if they did not study on this field, is an activity that should be done with the observations and the recommendations of its experts.  Although we can often find many suggested videos on YouTube, work out blogs that catch up with the internet are thin on the ground. Therefore, the work out recommendations that can be done with the tools that we can use at home will get a lot of clicks, but before doing this, you should definitely get recommendations from your specalist or have your articles and contents prepared by a specialist. For instance, you can get support from a physical education teacher or fitness instructor who are at home due to the pandemic. Your own amateur suggestions may cause people get hurt and you do not want to be embarrassed by anyone.