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My Adsense Account Has Been Approved What Should I Do? How Can Use Ad Codes?

Recently, especially during pandemic period, it has become quiet difficult to get Adsense applications approved, to follow the rules perfectly; people who do not give up their application and who follow their application even they waited a while, keep on having their Adsense applications approved. If it is needed to give a small advice about making an Adsense application, we can say that, if you do not immediately receive a rejection answer and if you the Adsense application page remains same for a while and if you waited for a few weeks, then, it means that you are likely to see the approval page soon. You can control whether your account has been approved or not, by going to the Adsense site that you applied or by checking your e-mail adresses. Our suggestion is following it on your e-mail adresses. Do not waste your time, waiting on the Adsense page. It will not yield any results and sometimes you may see it approved late because your search engine can open it without refreshing the page so you may notice it late. You would not like to earn late by starting your business late. 

My Adsense Account Has Been Approved, What Should I Do?

 After receiving the confirmation e-mail of your Adsense account that has been approved by Adsense’s site, you can log in to your active account. Aftet loging in you will see an interactive menu on the left and a home page table showing your earnings. It is very simple about what you need to do to increase the numbers that display shows it as zero dollars at that moment. The steps to do is to adjusting your ads perfectly by optimizing your theme or by adding additional codes that comply with Adsense policies. The more properly and correctly the ad codes are placed, the more efficient and fast you will earn. On the other hand, after getting approval and then placing the ad codes, all you can do is waiting and following your income from the income table opened on the main page. In addition, you can easily edit and see the feedbacks and ad movements that will be given to you from the reports section in the second part, which you can see in the interactive menu that opens on the left. With the blocking option in the same interactive section, you can also block some brands, some annoying ads that you do not want to appear on your site. The only difficulty of Adsense, which provides you a very simple and fast use, is the parts of the ad codes. Placing ad codes is the most important part and the hardest part, frankly. For this reason, ad placement, which is a process that you should follow very carefully, will not work as a result of incorrect or incomplete code or will not provide efficient profit in incorrect ad placement. What you need to do to overcome this problem is obvious.

How Can I Use Ad Codes of Adsense?

When you click on the ads tab from the interactive menu on the left we mentioned before, you will be directed to a section where you reach and manage ad codes. To verify that there are no problems, you should make sure that you see "Google can place ads for you" section on the first page that pops up. Then, the page that pops up is the section that provides automatic ad codes. It is possible to get automatic ad transitions and the code that will make automatic placement on your site by using the "Get Code" section under the sentence you see for verification. Our recommendation is to place this code in your theme's home page templates in a convenient place for you. In this way, automatic ads will be placed in appropriate places that you determined on your site and will began showing up. You may not always see these automatic ads because their duration time vary according to the clicks and how long people watched that page. Alternatively, you can select and prefer special ad codes that can always remain open. To do this, you can use the ad codes you will receive by clicking the "by ad unit" section in the middle of the three options at the top of the page and making the desired edits on your website. These ad codes will remain in constant display as you can buy them in fixed and desired size, since the most important part of these codes will be to find and place the right place.