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What are DA, PA and Spam Score? Which Information Do They Give About Web Sites?

Google determines some criteria in order to index or to value the feeding web sites. Google provides the assesments by using the parameters such as DA, PA and Spam Score. The results of these parameters are not announced by Google, and web site owners can learn these parameter values by the data they receive from the web sites serving in this area. Besides these data are definitely must be followed by the web site owners, as we mentioned, the data are also important for Google. With these data, you can take your web site to the top of Google searches or increase its reputation. Even for the buyers who really pay attetion for these data in web site sales, if we try to visualize the importance of these data for these buyers, we can say that these data are as important as total kilometre values or a trammer record of a second-hand car for sale. What do these parameters tell us in detail? What information can we access with this data?

What is DA? (Domain Authority)

DA values consist of the age of your domain which is the most important part of it. Besides, the more your domain is mentioned in references the more DA value of your domain increases. In addition to these criteria, crucial factors about your domain name such as word length, meaningfullness, search volume effects the authority and score of your web site by increasing it. Although DA value has to be considered seriously, it is a value that will increase in a small amount while the age increases, even if there no additional operation to increase it.

What is PA? (Page Authority)

Page Authority has a really important position. This value denotes the authority and the power of page/pages located under the domain. Domain and the pages that are located under the domain may not have the same level of authority. You should make extra and exclusive work in order to increase the increase the authority of pages, individually. The most important part of these works is called as “SEO”. You should definitely do “SEO” work or get it done for your page score as you do it for your domain score. Hundreds of agencies provide services for this work or there are some attentive extensions that are offered such as “Google Seo” or “Your System Name Seo” which are ready for some systems. If your web site is new or you do not have a budget for it, using aforementioned extensions will affect and increase your page value score.

DA, PA ve Spam Score Nedir? Siteler Hakkında Hangi Bilgileri Verir?

Google yayında olan siteleri indexlenemek ya da değerlemek adına belli kriterler belirler. Bu kritlerlere göre değerlemeleri sağlayan Google DA,PA ve Spam Score gibi parametreler kullanır. Bu parametrelerin sonuçları Google tarafında duyurulmamakta olup. Bu parametre değerlerini site sahipleri bu alanda hizmet veren sitelerden aldıkları verilerle öğrenebilmektedirler. Bu veriler mutlaka site sahipleri tarafından takip edilmesi gereken veriler olmakla birlikte bahsettiğimiz gibi Google için önemli verilerdir. Bu verilerle sitenizi Google aramalarında üst kısımlara çıkarabilir ya da saygınlığını arttırabilirsiniz. Hatta site satışlarında bile bu değerlere çok dikkat eden alıcılar, ikinci el bir arabanın kilometresi ya da tramer kaydı ne kadar önemliyse bu verilere o denli dikkat etmektedirler. Bu parametreler detaylı olarak bize ne anlatmaktadır? Bu veriler ile hangi bilgilere ulaşabiliriz?

What is Spam Score?

Spam score, which works inversely propotional with the Seo works of your web sites, is an important parametre. Spam score may be zero over a hundred (0/100) if the contents of your web site are completely specific and there are no misleading action for Google in your web site. In other words, the more the higher your Seo works and the orginality the less the spam score will be. Those web sites which have high spam scores definitely can not have high scores from other parameters. Because, spam score sections are a statement that indicates the existing and future sanctions of your web site.

Now, we have learned all our value types and the logic of this system, we can explain what needs to be done briefly. In order for a site to gain a decent place and take metaphorical steps, it is absolutely necessary to have a high DA and PA values and a low spam score. Spam score should not even be around 10-15 over a hundred points, it has to be around zero points over a hundred point. However, even if increasing these authority seems like it would take short time, it generally does not take short time. Therefore, it is very logical to be humble, patient and be strict to the rules inder order to increase it. You can increase income or gradually go up in Google searches by getting useful resuşts with already done Seo workings.