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What is Alexa? Is Alexa Ranking Important?

Alexa is an web evaluation system that belongs to the worldwide known Amazon Company, located in USA. Alexa is the most valuable and prestigious evaluation tool. It is respected and trusted by users at  the highest level. Alexa ranks the websites according to certain criteria, according to international (global level) and country (on which country the website si used). Besides these criteria are generally confidential due to Alexa policies, there are other factors such as such as traffic, Google rankings, site activity, content entries, the predicted and open parts of the site. How Alexa provide all the data? We always come across such questions. Alexa provides data mainly from users who use custom search engine extensions, and its number one extension is called “Alexa Toolbar”. Although Alexa Toolbar is easy to use and install, it has a very crucial place and it is a extension that requires the usage of every website owner. 

What is Alexa Toolbar?

Alexa Toolbar is an extension of Alexa’s browser and it can be installed from browser stores such as Chrome Store. This free extension allows you to view the analysis of sites and it allows Alexa to reach information and data of sites easily. For instance, you can activate this extension to show analysis by simply clicking on it, located on the right of “URL” section on Chrome Browser. This extension is mostly used by website owner and it is preferred because it provides an easy way to reach information analysis. A rapid increase in Alexa ranking can be observed on sites accessed by people who use Alexa Toolbar. This tactic, espacially used by the people who have new websites, gives positive results on the websites that even have only one follower. Especially, since the country based ranking and international rankings are important, more precisely since this is a racing anvironment, the usage of Alexa and the usage of this toolbar became more important. Most of the websites ask their users to use this extension. Our suggestion for each website to have it installed with a reward or by explaining its importance. Everyone should use this extension for the benefit of internet world and website owners. Besides, this extension does not slow down your internet or browser.

Is Alexa Ranking Important?

Although Alexa rank is not taken seriously by everyone these days, it is the first system most users use to rate a site. This system, which shows both world and country rankings, also shows the mentions of the site. Regardless of anything, we see people who say “Is ranking very important?” Well this objective question is actually an important question. Because, ranking really matters. If you follow the right path and do the right things, Alexa will put your websites ahead of other websites. However, if you are behind of other sites and if your Alexa ranking does not rise up, it means that your actions are useless and they will not help you. However, for example, if your website can take place among the top five hundred in your country,  Alexa will put you in a special list and by this way, you will be doing a natural advertisement of your website on Alexa’s platforms. If you think about it this way, it will be very useful and you will easily go through initial evaluations. After all, Alexa is the oldest assessment tool, but the most respected assessment tool. It is unarguable that such system is insignificant. Also, a new group that shows something worthless at the time will probably not be able to make you think that the Alexa value has changed. Therefore, you should give importance to Alexa rankings and pay attention to Alexa rankings in order to question whether what you are doing is correct. Using the Alexa’s Toolbar will be very useful to you and you will be able to easily upgrade your sites, but if your hits do not remain at a certain level or if your content entries drag your site into a passive position, your Alexa rankings will constantly fall back.