What is Shared Hosting?

What is Shared Hosting?

Hosting is an online service that allows website content to be make accessible on the Internet. When a hosting plan is purchased, space is reserved on a physical server to store all the data and files of the website. Hosting service is responsible for the successful transfer of data such as texts, photos and other files to the browser of Internet users, besides, the hosting service provides all the resources and technology necessary for the safe and effective operation of the website and keeping the server running. Since different hosting arrangements are designed for different functions and needs, there are a large number of hosting choices available for websites. One of these choices is the shared hosting.

Shared hosting is considered the most affordable and user-friendly option, as well as the popular choice of most website owners, multiple users share the same server resources, including processing power, storage and memory. Shared hosting is a great solution, especially for personal websites and small businesses that do not require advanced configuration or higher bandwidth.

Shared Hosting Operating System

Shared hosting service is an arrangement in which multiple websites are hosted on one server, resources such as CPU, memory, and disk space are shared, and the cost is shared among all users on the same server. This makes shared hosting is affordable. Although a shared hosting can host hundreds of websites, it is the most suitable hosting for smaller websites that do not receive a lot of traffic or require a significant amount of space because the resources are shared. In short, shared hosting, whenever the URL of a website is typed into the browser, the browser is essentially trying to find the server where this website is stored or hosted.

After finding the server, the browser sends an HTTP request message to the server, requesting data and information to make the website visible. The shared hosting process is exactly the same as the one described above. The only difference is that one server is responsible for hosting and storing data for multiple websites at the same time. Hard disk space, RAM and processing speed due to the fact that is being shared between all web sites are hosted, web site performance, performance is influenced by another website on the same server. Attention should be paid to such details.

What Advantages Does Shared Hosting Have?

The first and main benefit of shared hosting is that it provides various advantages for users without demanding large investments. The fact that a website has a shared platform for hosting is akin to using many services and infrastructures that will allow the website to maintain online applications, email accounts, and much more. There are a few of the advantages of shared hosting:

  • Professional Management
  • Budget Friendly
  • Simple User Interface
  • Support
  • Hosting Dynamic Websites
  • Safety
  • Scalability
  • Chance to Host Multiple Domain Names
  • Easy Email Hosting and Setup

Professional Management

Shared hosting ensures that the hosting provider is allowed to take over the server's protection role. If a shared hosting plan is selected, the main server performs administrative tasks. Professionally managed shared hosting provides professional technical assistance for maintenance, hardware upgrades, DDoS protection, and software updates.

Budget Friendly

Shared hosting services are the type of affordable hosting services that can be provided. In this type of service, the fact that the resources of one server are divided into several hundred or even several thousand websites significantly reduce the cost per user.

Simple User Interface

Shared hosting has such great advantages as a simple user interface. Usually control panels manage to shared hosting. Shared hosting means providing a web interface that includes installing, making changes, adding a domain, creating a site, and more. Such control panels have a simple user interface. Therefore, you do not need to have professional knowledge of Windows or Linux servers. People can use this service without any attention and easily.


Security reviews are not the only thing that is necessary in terms of making the service sustainable. Hosting networks, which are usually recognized as complex systems, have a high probability of downtime or technical difficulties due to this complexity. It may take hours and sometimes days to investigate and resolve such problems. Monitoring and solving such problems in shared hosting services is the responsibility of the server.  This kind of technical support is another advantage in terms of saving time and simplification.

Ability to Host Dynamic Websites

Depending on how a user navigates, dynamically changing websites are called dynamic websites. Shared hosting is usually based on a content management system that can easily host dynamic websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Dynamic websites create a different interface that matches the screen sizes of the device belonging to each visitor. Some of the most popular content management systems (CMS), including WordPress and Joomla, support this configuration model. These platforms are suitable for using a variety of programming languages, which can run on a shared server.


Scalability is one of the important advantages of shared hosting, and it works best for small or new sites that do not receive much traffic.

Chance to Host Multiple Domain Names

It possible to have more than one domain name under the user directory thanks to shared hosting plan. In addition, the hosting provider offers a convenient interface for managing all websites. Thanks to this interface, the complexity of managing multiple websites can be overcome.

Easy Email Hosting and Setup

It is very important to have an email associated with the domain. Having a cPanel on an affordable hosting plan with shared hosting makes adding email addresses easy. In addition, e-mails can be forwarded to other services. Most of the hosting services offer unlimited email accounts.

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