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What is the Importance of a Personal Website? Should I Create a Personal Website?

Since, we live in the Internet age, we encounter thousands of sites in search engines. These sites serve in many areas. We can cite many areas such as informatics, hosting companies, social media, news sites, shopping sites, e-commerce sites as examples. We may encounter posts on personal sites that we can indicate as a private or personal areas. What are these personal sites? Do they really serve in the way we deduce from their name? What is the importance of it? What does it do? We will answer these questions in this article. Everyone knows the importance of the Internet age, saying that personal sites are very important; We can start by highlighting this.

What is a Personal Website?

Personal sites are sites that are organized for the individual, about himself, about his work. These sites are usually actively published by most professionals and are specified on their business cards so that they can reach their customers. In addition, many people have special SEO works done to stand out in Google searches related to their profession and work. 

What is The Importance of Personal Website?

A personal site is the best advertising and vulnerability step you can do if you have a profession that you are constantly in contact with people and that you want to reach people easily, even if you do not have huge budgets for advertising. Firstly, as we mentioned before, for instance, if you are a dentist who owns a dental clinic and you live in Istanbul, when a patient types “Istanbul dentist” on search bar of Google search engine, he/she may aim to see you on the top of the list. Have a special SEO done and get to the top and easily make advertisement by catching up your customer.

Shoul I Create A Personal Website?

A personal site is a tool that must be created and actively used. Not just for a company or clinic, you can create your own page, for example as a lawyer, or as a teacher draw up the private lessons you can teach, and reach people comfortably. You can even apply for Google Adsense and after a while you can even get ads on your website. The important thing is to understand the availability and importance of a personal site. As soon as you understand this, you will immediately create your personal site and start to serve actively. In addition, by installing live support on your site or by placing whatsapp icons, you can ensure that your customers or those who want to contact you can reach you quickly and you can increase customer satisfaction. According to the researches, satisfaction and easy accessibility or having a respectable appearance in the top ranks in channels like Google is more effective than thousands of dollars worth of ads.

In Which Areas Can I Use My Personal Site? What Should Be On My Site?

Let's divide the personal site types into two. First, let it be sites designed for a company or business. On these sites, the full address of your company should be stated easily and with a description. There should not be much information on the site, you should give clear information about your company. 

You should create a short "about me" part and "contact" page with your phone numbers, you should not prepare a confusing page. In addition, you should include the photos of your company and the reference photos of your work on each page. The second is personal, imprint sites. You must have a photo and a resume on these sites. In other words, the person who will visit your site should be able to recognize you without asking you. Of course, naturally, the visitor should be able to learn not only about your hobbies, but also your work and background in this business. In addition, the "about me" page should be sincere and formal so that the visitor should not be bored. Your contact page or live support should be easily accessible and according to our observations, your site should not be gathered on a single page. Because gathering your site on a single page is really eye-catching, and it is a difficult system for those who are not used to internet usage. Also, if possible, you should make the colors of your site attractive. We suggest you, our dear readers, that there absolutely should be no black tones on website theme.