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What is the MozBar? How to install? How to use? What does it do?

MozBar is a tool of the Moz system that serves as an extension in browsers. MozBar is an assessment tool that can be seen when it is open under the URL portion of the browser and shows the DA, PA and Spam scores of the sites. The MozBar tool, which shows the most important things could be happen for a site, is a tool that should be used by users who do business on the internet or qualify as webmasters. Thanks to MozBar assessments many domains or sites can be sold easily. DA, PA and Spam scores which MozBar shows are followed importantly in the market. According to these assessments you can do many operations or inferences.

How to install Mozbar? How to use? What does it do?

MozBar can be installed from the ‘Free Seo Tools’ part of the menus section of Moz's official site, also as said from the ‘Chrome Market’ it can be installed in a free way. With its very fast and taking small space model, MozBar can be installed easily. After installed, it will appear immediately on the right side the url portion of your browser and when you click on the letter 'M' which is the logo of Moz will turn blue and work. If you click the letter 'M' again, it turns gray and does not work actively. Our suggestion is that only turn MozBar when you need to use it. Because MozBar is opening like an additional flash file, it can sometimes cause problems such as browser slowdown on computers that are not well-featured. After the opening of the MozBar you can see that it has a slim and stylish rectangular design. To view Moz contents, you need to enter your moz account from the login section in the MozBar bar which is opened. Otherwise you will not be able to see the contents of Moz. It’s mean that MozBar will not do anything. Therefore, you can open an account from Moz for free. MozBar, which will ask you to login every time you turn it off/on, it is a bit tiresome extension. But, the value of its features shows that it is worth to use. You can also take advantage of many more features by buying a premium membership. You can also try the free premium features without having a Premium membership by clicking on the ‘Try Premium’ section within the time frame set by Moz. MozBar will also quickly show DA, PA, Links and Spam Scores to you. As you can see these features from Moz site, MozBar is a very convenient tool for fast use. You can also track areas of the page such as h1, h2 and meta tags with the page analysis sections.

MozBar offers the optimization page only to the premium users, but offers to the everyone pop-up bar for note down the important parts. This easily designed extension, which allows you to do everything you can do with Moz from a small bar, every time make an indelible impression. If you use it with the Alexa Toolbar, it will make your work very functional. Waiting for you to use.

For site owners and beginners, we constantly recommend that they should set up Mozbar and keep track of site scores. If you find out buttons of the MozBar does what, it will be very useful for your business. After learning the extension, you can also use the 'Help' section provided with the question mark icon. You can access a detailed information and report from Moz's site by clicking on the spam score section presented in the indicators. Sizi yönlendirdiği sayfada linklerin geldiği adresler, sizin spam score detaylı raporlarınız bir kısıma kadar detaylıca gösterilmektedir If you can't see it after a while or after a number, this is may be mean that you cannot see it because of you are not a premium user.