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What is Wordpress? What Does It Do? What is It Used For?

What is Wordpress?

Wordpress infrastructure is a content editing, management tool. Thanks to Wordpress, users can write, produce and share content on their sites. As you can write articles according to Google requests with its own writing editors. With custom settings, you can get the look you want on your site. Also the Wordpress system has an easy admin control panel. Thanks to this panel, it can be used even by those with the lowest technical knowledge. Although Wordpress is free, some themes or plugins can be sold for a fee. It is one of the reasons why it is preferred because it is free and easily optimized for Google. Wordpress text editor is one of the most advanced text editors of the systems used today.

In Which Areas is Wordpress Used?

Wordpress often used by blog sites, news portals and technology portals. However, the wordpress system can also be optimized for systems such as e-commerce. You can even get paid on Wordpress and even create personal pages. In addition, Wordpress can even turn into a forum. When you use this system correctly, you can do your every work easily. If you do not have the knowledge for this, you can request paid or free help from hundreds of masters on the market. In short, Wordpress is a system that can be used actively in every field. Its easy interface and easy optimization for each system increases the preference rate day by day.

What Does Wordpress Do? What is It Used For?

As we mentioned, the Wordpress system is generally used in Portals, but these systems are also systems that share text and content. For example, news sites of all the leading newspapers can easily share news,articles, surveys or videos using the Wordpress system. In addition, you can create an environment such as a dictionary with question and answer plugins, this system is really useful and free of charge as we mentioned.

Another reason why they prefer Wordpress is that the editor is far ahead of other portal systems. There are tools to explain Seo compliance and Google compliance. In addition, this system, which sometimes does not even require ftp to install plugins, has also minimized the technical knowledge. In addition, the post editor allows you to add as many photos as you want to the post, home page view and within the post. The tag system in the editor is installed as an extension in most sub-structures, but this system provides you with this feature by default.

With a few extensions defined in Wordpress, you can completely turn the system into a shopping site and control it from the easy panel we mentioned. You can receive payments through this shopping system, create shipping panels and rise in Google rankings related to the branches you sell with your blog posts.

In addition, Wordpress can be installed automatically on the hosting panels of almost every hosting company. This system, which also provides this convenience, can be easily installed without the need for manual (manual) installation. Thanks to this easy installation feature, you do not need to have any technical knowledge in both installation and management. For automatic installation in these hosting panels, it is enough to press "SET" button. However, as you know, you need a domain other than hosting. Site setup cannot be done through domain, and site setup is done only through hosting. Since Wordpress is a very dense system that does not have large files, you will not tire your hosting system and you will also be able to maintain your site with cheap hosting packages. When you access the hosting packages of hosting companies, you will notice that special packages are created just for Wordpress and they are cheaper than normal packages. With these features, Wordpress is waiting for you to use.