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What Should You Do To Increase Your Website's Clicks? Increase Clicks with 4 Suggestions!

It has become very difficult to get clicks and rise in Google rankings when there are millions of small websites in the world. With this getting more difficult, new starters or newly established companies started to have a hard time to get clicks. Everyone is looking for a solution and advice to get rid of this click problems and reach many people. No matter even if the solutions are hard or easy but unreasonable, you should not give up before even giving a try as you can’t be half pregnant and without effort you cannot gain anything. For these reasons, we would like to share with you the 4 suggestions we have compiled.

  1. Organize Raffles

Absolutely, every website is established with a commercial concern. Money does not grow on trees. There are lots of people who create so many websites and want to earn money from this channel, for this reason, sometimes clicks may not increase sufficiently or not increase at all. Therefore, if you make profit or will make profit, never hesitate to share it with your customers or followers, because he that would eat the kernel must crack the nut. Any sweepstakes, small or large, will definitely receive participation and will certainly attract attention. As the size of the raffle increases, clicks will increase in the matter of demand and supply. Accordingly, you can set a budget, invest and expect a return as hit increase. Today, the simplest method is raffle. Instagram accounts that gain millions of followers with these systems are the simplest examples. In addition, even very large websites do not stop sharing their products with their members or followers. This is also the method that keeps the attention always alive.

  1. Use Attractive Titles

Using an ordinary encyclopedia title will not attract attention today and will be considered as a 1900s tale. Because nowadays, publishers are finding such titles about topics and content that it is very unlikely that people will not notice. Because there are definitely people who will be interested in that subject, but you should consider how you can attract this person. It is our recommendation to avoid deceptive, overwhelmingly disappointing headlines. Otherwise, you may lose what you have whille trying to gain more. 

  1. Create Social Media Accounts

The most interesting inventions of the 20th century were social media platforms. These areas have become a part of our daily lives, just like having dinner and commuting. Social media has become normal, like the identity card we carry, and those who do not have a social media account have started to be welcomed differently, so what we mean is that everyone is connected to social media in some way. If you keep your social media accounts active and stand out constantly, it will be much easier for people to discover you compared to search engines.

  1. Write a Promotion Letter and Submit Your Site to Directories

A promotional article, which is very important especially for new sites, is a way that you can publish and  have it published on larger sites. You can write or have written a nice, tidy and grammerically accurate introductory article and share it on older and larger sites in accordance with the rules they allow, and share it by agreeing with agencies. This is an usefuland easy way for you to be discovered. 

Because in the promotional articles you share, you can make some words hyperlink to your site, get a backlink, and make it easier to discover. Getting mentioned is very important for your site and will help you increase your domain reputation and page reputation easily. However, another important feature of domain reputation is its age. If your domain reputation stays the same while your page reputation increases, you should not have a question mark in your mind, just be patient and wait for your site to age.