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What is Business Web Hosting?

Business web hosting has an important role for businesses, brands and those who want to become visible on the Internet. Especially since competition among institutions has become much more important in the past because of technological opportunities, brands can set up their websites with business web hosting packages.

Why is Business Web Hosting Important?

Business web hosting stands for the server that will ensure the website needs of brands. The major difference from other servers is that they have hosting packages suitable for the number of visitors to the site, where brands can store various e-mails or forms, receive unlimited and stable service. In addition to technological developments, there have also been significant developments in the technical infrastructures of internet service providers. In order to be clicked on the internet brands need to take care of both website installations, sustainability and providing a reliable visitor experience. Business web hosting packages that contain more detailed properties than the others offered by standard hosting packages are designed exactly and efficiently ensure the needs of business companies. At the center of these servers is the fact that the company looks prestigious and the business identity comes to the fore.

In particular, having a permanent website will provide significant benefits for customers to get the right idea about the brand. With the business hosting packages, you will buy for your company, it will be possible to add more value to your brand. It will also make it easier to reach the target audience. Visitors will have extremely positive values ​​about the brand, along with features such as high page opening speed, efficient use and safe navigation. These servers, which offer high performance especially with SSD memory, facilitate the transition between pages and enable visitors to quickly learn the information they want to say about the brand. In addition, the website, which will always serve for those who want to communicate through human resources or the contact form, makes a special contribution to increasing the interaction rates. Your business identity will stand out one more step with business web hosting packages that enable brands to use their website comfortably and quickly.

What are the Business Hosting Features?

Thanks to its business web hosting features, it ensures the web site needs of the brands are met. SSD memory ensures that visitors have the best experience, together with points such as performance-providing compatibility and a secure structure. Business web hosting packages, which will respond best to interactions such as high mail source, contact forms and sending resumes, also include properties such as e-mail accounts and unlimited subdomains. Thus, you can have the opportunity to create new sites with subdomains for your brand or to do your e-mail correspondence directly with your own server.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I buy a business web hosting package?

Business web hosting packages preferred by business companies are supported by NVMe SSD and are backed up daily. At the same time, priority is given to support requests.

What is the difference between business web hosting and other web hosting?

Business web hosting packages support requests are prioritized. At the same time, unlike other web hosting packages, they are faster and optimized packages.

Who is business hosting for?

It is customized for business companies. They are packages that will not cause problems in terms of speed and disk space for business websites. I t is the choice of corporations.

How many e-mail accounts can I use with my business web hosting packages?

You can open and manage as many e-mail addresses as you want. There is no any limit.

Do you have backup service in Business Hosting?

For our business customers, our company takes automatic backups every day. You do not need to take a backup except in exceptional circumstances.

Will I get my money back if I'm not satisfied?

With Hostingo, your money is always safe. You can request a refund within 30 days for the service you are not satisfied with. Your money will be refunded without any question.

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