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Frequently Asked Questions

What is e-commerce hosting and why do I need it?

E-commerce hosting is like a VIP treatment for online stores. It's all about having the right features to make online shopping safe and smooth. If you want to run a secure online store and make your customers happy, e-commerce hosting is a must-have!

What features does Hostingo offer for e-commerce hosting?

Hostingo offers fast and safe e-commerce hosting to its customers. It is also suitable and optimized for ready-made scripts (such as Opencart, WordPress) that offer easy e-commerce solutions.

Can I use popular e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce or Magento?

Absolutely! You can use popular e-commerce platforms as well.

What is the difference between e-commerce web hosting and other web hosting?

The e-commerce web hosting package is ideal for large-scale websites. The part that sets it apart from other web hosting packages is the hosting space and speed.

Which e-commerce web hosting package should I choose?

The most important part when choosing a web hosting package is how much space you occupy, so You should look at hosting packages that have more SSD space than you occupy. Besides, websites CPU and RAM specifications, which determine its performance, should be checked.

What software can I run in my e-commerce web hosting package?

You can run all PHP based e-commerce software even if licensed with Ioncube. They are also 100% SSD servers optimized for Opencart, Prestashop, WooCommerce.

Does Hostingo offer reliable backup solutions for e-commerce data?

Yes, Hostingo offers reliable backup solutions for e-commerce data.

How does Hostingo ensure fast page load times for e-commerce websites?

Hostingo ensures fast page load times for e-commerce websites through various optimization techniques. You don’t need to be worried about the speed at all!

Is Hostingo's e-commerce hosting compatible with popular CMS platforms?

Yes, Hostingo's e-commerce hosting is compatible with popular CMS platforms such as WordPress and WooCommerce!

Will I get my money back if I'm not satisfied?

With Hostingo, your money is always safe. You can request a refund within 30 days for the service you are not satisfied with. Your money will be refunded without any question.

What is e-commerce web hosting?

E-commerce web hosting addresses to people who want to begin trading in the digital world. Recently, since e-commerce has become a very important place, people who want to sell products as online are also increasing. In order to start selling as online, you should first make the right hosting choice.

The First Step of Entering E-Commerce

Thanks to increasing volume of e-commerce, it has become an attractive choice for businesses today. Therefore, some brands run only on the Internet. Likewise, there are many names that carry out their products or services through e-commerce instead of opening a real store. In order to be successful in e-commerce, there are many important points such as the place you will sell your products, marketing and product supply. The starting point of all it is the right server, in short, the choice of hosting. For the people who want to start selling by opening an e-commerce site, e-commerce web hosting packages provide various advantages. With these servers, which have been developed to be fully suitable the data, visual, content and visitor traffic of e-commerce sites, you can start your sales in the digital world whenever you want. Choosing e-commerce hosting is important for those who want to make e-commerce affordable, unlimited and efficient.

What Do E-commerce Hosting Packages Include?

The e-commerce site should differ from other sites with some features. Specifically, the products listed must have the ability to provide space for their images, videos, text. It is also important that it works by providing efficient, stable and high-performance values so that the shopping experience is not restricted. It is also important to have speed values that will allow users to easily reach what they are looking for. Research shows that users make negative decisions due to e-commerce sites that move slowly and have difficulty switching between pages. In order to avoid such problems, it is important to choose e-commerce hosting consisting of SSD servers.

Why are E-Commerce Hosting Packages Advantageous?

The first thing expected from an e-commerce site to provide unlimited service. Because visitors can surf around the site or make purchases at any time. Moreover, no matter how many products there are on the site, it is important that the site provides to these values. Also, safety is also necessary for a proper e-commerce experience to be experienced. The experience that will be offered on the e-commerce site will also have an impact on increasing earnings by ensuring that the brand value will also increase. Furthermore, it is important to be able to get technical support in order to intervene directly on the server in case of possible problems. Except these things, the unlimited e-commerce web hosting packages offered safely with the Hostingo allows you to make sales by entering into the digital world with its safety and high-performance properties. In this way, you can both increase your income and make your brand value permanent. Hosting packages, which also offer backups at certain times, successfully prevent possible data loss, allowing your e-commerce journey to be smooth and high profits.

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