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Virtual private server is a physical server's resources by dividing it into multiple servers with virtualization software. It is the structure that allows it to be used in the most efficient way.

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What is a Virtual Server?

Virtual private server allows a physical server to use resources in the most efficient way by dividing it into multiple servers with virtualization software. Each VDS runs as an independent and dedicated server.

The question of what is a virtual server is significant for those who want to use a new generation server. Basically, a virtual server provides efficient use of resources by dividing a physical server into multiple servers using virtualization software. In other words, it can be defined as the presence of multiple operating systems that are independent of each other on a server. Virtual servers can be found as VPS and VDS. However, since VPS is a lower technology today, the highest efficiency in terms of a virtual server is obtained through VDS.

What are the Features of Virtual Server?

This article will be based on VDS when talking about virtual server features. So, the two concepts can be used for both of them. By definition, a virtual server is a server that is managed to create web applications for users, distribute or host these applications, but is provided specifically for each user. It offers high security and performance because it is not shared with other users. Each VDS has its own disk, CPU, memory and bandwidth. Thus, it is possible to get the highest efficiency because all of the projects will be carried out without sharing them with anyone. It is also a great advantage that it offers a special set of resources that only one user can access, rather than sharing it with other tenants. VDS also has a remote access layer that allows end users to access their servers globally over the internet.

When is a Virtual Server Needed?

Using a virtual server can be compatible with any website or application with today's evolving technology. In basic, not every website has a special server requirement. But for special projects, there is a need to get a VDS service. Virtual servers are stable and stand out with high performance values. Therefore, it is suitable for projects that require a lot of CPU or high performance. Together with the virtual server, it is possible not only to get high CPU power, but also to achieve high network and performance. Thus, it is the right choice for applications that need resources within the scope of the project.

  • Sites where a large number of daily visitors come,
  • E-commerce sites,
  • Applications, sites, and similar platforms that have too many members or accounts,
  • Projects that require high security should use a virtual server.

What to Choose on the Virtual Server?

There are two options for the virtual server preference, which are VPS and VDS. VPS stands for virtual private server, and VDS stands for virtual dedicated server. VDS is a more advanced technology because it is completely oriented for users, inaccessible to others and not shared. That is why the use of VDS creates much more advantageous situations. Using VDS for both individuals and corporate brands ensures that sites, applications, and similar projects are always available. In this context, virtual servers are currently preferred along with features that offer high performance. The fact that they offer fully personalized usage also creates significant flexibility for the projects.


It is the economical solution preferred by users who have very advanced websites or more websites where shared web hosting performance is not sufficient.
Yes, you can purchase as many additional IP addresses as you want and have them defined on your server.
We can only provide support for reinstallation. It is the customer's responsibility to keep the data safe and back up regularly.
We provide affordable remote FTP backup space for our customers through various data centers around the world. By getting the software support suitable for your operating system, you can automatically retrieve the content of your virtual server and store it safely in the FTP area allocated to you.
No, you can do the re-installation process yourself from your panel, and your re-installation requests are made free of charge.


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